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Dr. John Webster

“I’ve had a runny nose, nonstop, for over 3 years. I always assumed I had some sort of sinus infection. My medical doctor prescribed an ointment to be applied in my nose daily, but it did no good. Being a public speaker, it was quite embarrassing at times to have to constantly use a hankie while on stage. I began seeing Dr. Webster for an unrelated problem and , after 3 weeks of having my neck adjusted… a funny thing happened… my nose quit running! He explained how my sinuses are affected by the vertebrae in my neck. What a relief it is to know I don’t have to have a handkerchief with me at all times. Thanks, Dr. Webster!”


Hal Coleman, President
Coleman Services, Inc.
Consulting, speaking

I had extreme leg cramps for over ten years, while lying in bed.
I have not had any leg cramps since I have been coming to Webster Chiropractic Center.
Thank you Dr. Webster,

Dr. Esker Harris

Since I’ve been coming to see Dr. Webster, I’ve had fewer sinus headaches and when I do, they are less intense. My shoulder almost never bothers me either! I’m a lifer!


Maureen Hanratty



MISSING: My daily migraine headaches and vertigo!! Well, I really don’t want them back!

After 50 years of dealing with these: many, many visits to specialist, the conclusion was- I needed a vacation from a household of eight children. Well, the children have flown the nest and the problems were still there.. UNTIL.. I had a chance encounter with Dr. John Webster from Webster Chiropractic Center. I had not thought of Chiropractic care; but, after visits with him I am free(finally) of vertigo and headaches. He is very caring, as well as the staff, really listens, and has a lot of patience, and with me he needed that! I only wish I had taken this path earlier in life. What more can I say? I feel great!

Bonna Lee Aven


Good Day,
I just want to than you Dr. Webster for what you have done so far, it was an amazing 1st experience and to feel less pain than when I walked in, it is truly a miracle. I have never met a Doctor that cares so much about making the patient feel so much better and I thank you for caring. I have a whole new attitude towards chiropractic care:) 

Andy, Thank you for your pep talk, I truly appreciate it very much. You guys are the best!!!
Thank you again!!!
Rahel Turner
Patient Forever, (well as long as I need it)

There is a book in the waiting room with a dedication to “Dr. John Wonderful”. I concur after three weeks, Dr. Webster has eliminated my upper and lower spinal pain. For me, he is more than wonderful: he is a blessing.


Patrick Kennedy


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